About The SouthEastern Association

Committed to Building the Best Business Environment for SouthEastern Dealers.

For the Benefit of All the Industry

The programs and services of SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association are made available to the membership of the organization through the efforts of a devoted group of volunteer officers and directors working with and through the Association’s Executive Vice President and staff.

The officers and directors are elected during the Association’s annual meeting. Directors are elected for three year, staggered terms. The President and Vice President serve one year terms. All of the officers and directors are dealer members of the Association.

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of three times during the year to conduct business of the Association and work with the organization’s staff in developing and implementing the programs offered by the Association to its membership.

In addition, at three year intervals SouthEastern Association elects one of its members to serve on the Board of Directors of the North American Equipment Dealers Association.

This individual is charged with the responsibility of presenting the membership’s views at the national level and his presence on the board assures SouthEastern’s voice is heard in the establishment of national policy. This individual, known as the NAEDA Director, shall be a member of the SouthEastern Board of Directors with full voting rights.


Bringing members together for the exchange of ideas and information is an important function of any association. SouthEastern Association takes great pride in producing one of the best Annual Meetings to help dealers stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the equipment industry.

Each year the association holds a series of area meetings to review member programs and services, legislative activity, etc. We encourage you to join us as often as possible. You will find our Annual and Area Meetings to be very interesting, informative and enjoyable.

Keeping Dealers Abreast of the Industry

Communications -
Volumes have been written on the importance of communication at all levels of the business community. The very heart of SouthEastern Association lies in its various forms of communication to the dealer member. The “written word” is the prime form of communication and comes in a variety of formats:

Dealer Supplier Relations

In unity there is strength, and the strength of the individual equipment dealer in his/her relationship with the manufacturers whose lines he/she handles is considerably increased when all dealers speak with one voice.

That one, strong voice is afforded members through our Dealer-Manufacturer Relations program, implemented through:

Working with the Dealer/Supplier Relations Committee of NAEDA, SouthEastern conveys the feelings of its members to the National Association which in turn acts as their spokesman in seeking improvements in manufacturer policies, procedures and programs.

The SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association acts as a clearing house for ideas and information moving in both directions – soliciting and compiling data from dealers for transmission to manufacturers through program channels and keeping individual dealers advised of the work and progress of the Committee

A Storehouse of Information

Your Association is a storehouse of information. We can furnish you with answers to specific questions and problems, available from no other source, which can help you in your day-to-day and long range operations.

Your Vote Multiplied 4,000 Times

By becoming a member of the SouthEastern Association, you are automatically a member of the North American Equipment Dealers Association. Here, 4,000 members combine their knowledge, experience and expertise to become a viable force that strengthens each retailer. Members receive ideas and management tools to assist them in making sound and profitable business decisions.